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2020 STEAMiSB Challenge

Registration Closed

STEM innovation for Social Benefit with art by


Identify a big social problem and use STEM to innovate a solution. Present via

The primary focus for the challenge:  STEAMiSB (STEAM innovation for Social Benefit) is a Project Based Learning (learn by doing) competition where you simulate a real-world STEM Innovation Project visualized via

STEM++Inno is a competition platform that combines real-world projects, experiential learning (learn by doing) to create innovations via STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math):    

Former Winners

A competitor must present a theme based story encapsulating innovation utilizing STEAM for social benefit.  Judges will score based on the presentation that best addresses highest social benefit by theme and judging criteria.

Example Video: The circular economy explained by Scribit & The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Finalists (Student and Professional) 

           $500 cash award, webconference with Scribit co-founder and global  recognition

  • Runners up (Student and Professional)

           $250 cash award, webconference with Scribit co-founder and global  recognition

  • Round one honorable mentions


  • All submissions must be in English

  • All competitors must be of legal age or have permission of legal guardian

  • Technical, Theme and Criteria instructions must be followed

  • STEAMiSB's sponsors choose the right to final determination in the event of any discrepancy

Judging Criteria:

A creative challenge for individuals or teams to imagine STEAM’s use to innovate solutions for Social Benefit across various judging criteria:

  • Storytelling

            Your story should be coherent, authentic, creative and have a clear message

  • Social Benefit

            Your story should have a social cause to it.  What is your BIG Social mission? (See Themes below for ideas)

  • Invent and Innovate

            Best innovation or invention to extend Scribit technology and platform utilizing STEM

  • Artistic Creation

            Best art--creative approach to encapsulating story theme incorporating STEM

  • Entrepreneurial

            Best concept of using the story and Scribit technology and platform for social benefit with commercially viable and scalable potential.

  • Collaboration (for team participants)

            Best showcase of team involvement and collaboration

Who can compete? 

Students (K-12, University) and professionals with a passion for technology being applied for social  good/need.  Competitors can be individuals or teams.

Where?  This competition is entirely remote and online for competing and judging

When/How? Competition Schedule and requirements:
  • Registration:  Starting June 8

            Individual or team member names and email IDs (Submit via Form)

  • Round 1:  June 22– July 13 Initial Competition Entry Submission:

            Summary of STEM Innovation for social benefit:

                  Text document of 100 - 500 words (2 to 5 pgs)

                       Identify the ‘Big Social Challenge’ to be addressed

                       Describe your summary using STEAM and Innovation to address judging criteria

                       Identify Social Benefit Theme(s) addressed

                       Describe Art (draft picture optional)

  • Semi-Finals:  July 20 - July 30

            Top finishers from round one submissions will be contacted to advance to Semi-finals

             Submit detailed video and art

  • Final Winners Announced:  Mid August


Two divisions:
  • Student:
        1) K-12th, Post 12th Technical and University Students

  • Professional
        2) non- student career professionals

Awards - Awards to top 2 places across the three (2) divisions


About STEM-Inno

STEM-Inno was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation in 2018 with a charter to ‘incubate career-readiness and entrepreneurship’.  We welcome other like minded individuals and enterprises that share our mission to give a hand up to those eager to learn and share.  Please contact us to mentor, sponsor, partner our join one of our future competitions.

Note: STEM-Inno reserves the right to modify competition conditions and rules such as divisions, awards, dates and other details as necessitated.

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