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2018 Pilot Highlight


completion rate


outstanding final projects

timely submission


total NASA patents researched

45 hours

of technical training presented

15 Webinars

10 speakers

with 18 years of average experience

900+ hours

of total time contribution across teams

6 Sponsors



“One big challenge was to just understand the goal. In order to resolve that, my team organized a meeting with the senior advisor, so that we could actually understand what the goal was and what to do. After that, it was much easier to set assignments”.      


-  Alan Z.

Name: V.C

School: Rising Freshman

College: University of Pittsburgh

High School: High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College of New York

What was the biggest takeaway from the competition?

 The Sponsors carry the professional culture and attitude of their companies to the Challenge, which provides valuable experience and knowledge on the career for which one is studying and an impression of the environment in which one will work.

Has that in anyway influenced your decision on the field of study or career?

 I was a prospective Statistics and Computer Science major before I participated in this challenge. We participated in zoom meetings, set up by our Sponsors, to learn from professionals in the field. The meetings were intriguing and insightful, specifically the meetings with start-ups. These start-up based meetings inspired me to get involved with a start up after college.

What advice to you have for the new contestants?

Communication is key. From first hand experience, your fellow group members might not be in the time zone or even continent. Always giving your teammates certain time frame for which you can work goes a long way to keep your project rolling.

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