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2019 NASA Patent Innovation 

2019 NASA PI Winners
STEM-Inno NASA Patent Innovation Competition Results Announcement 


Congratulations to Team Panda Express (sponsored by the CPC) on their effort, creativity and diligence in winning the 2019 STEM-Inno NASA Patent Innovation (NASA PI) competition. 


The 1st place team Panda Express is from the High School of Dual Language and Asian Studies in Manhattan, New York City. 


The winning team was comprised of Sifeng C., Yi Z., Qibao X., Qingyuan L., and Helen C.. 


About the Competition

The STEM-Inno NASA PI competition is a team oriented, project-based learning challenge with extensive curated learning opportunities and is based on publicly available NASA Patents.  


How the Competition Works

Competitors form or join a team, select a NASA Patent as a base from NASA’s Public 3,000+ Patent Portfolio and ideate far reaching social and commercial innovations.  These innovations inspire young minds to be creative, research opportunities and capabilities, apply a data-driven approach to innovation by means of C3Alliance’s ADEPT Machine Learning Architecture Framework, formulate their research, innovation and business case and present to an expert panel of industry judges.  Judging is based on real-world program model of excellence in research, innovation, business modeling, data-driven innovation and presentation.


Patent Choice and Innovation

Team Panda Express’ innovation was based on NASA’s Patent; reference # LAR-TOPS-194, case # LAR-17723-1.  Their innovation is to extend this patent use of “electroactive material. The electroactive material PVDF promotes wound healing process while protecting the wound from infections. It is activated by body heat and pressure of cell growth, thus not requiring an external energy source. Their innovation results in a product that heals faster, causes no pain on removal, is more lightweight (convenient form and function), and waterproof (so that patent can wear when bathing, showering, etc).


Our thanks to our 2018/2019 sponsors:

CPC (Platinum Sponsor)

ChampAmerica (STEM-Inno Co-Founding Partner)

C3 Alliance (STEM-Inno Co-Founding Partner)

O3 Technology Solutions (Gold Sponsor)

TurtleBay Advisory Services (Silver Sponsor)

The Catalyst Group (Silver Sponsor)


Thanks to our Judges:

June W Choi

Serval Ventures

June W Choi is the founding Managing Partner of Serval Ventures, an emerging tech

venture builder/investor and innovation partner. Serval focuses on applying emerging

tech such as AI, mixed reality, blockchain, and data to build and grow transformative

tech products and startups globally.


Elizabeth Pritchard

Whiterock Data Solutions

Elizabeth has over twenty-five years of experience as both an entrepreneur and intrapreneur in financial services and insurance introducing and applying innovative, data-driven solutions.   

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has been passionate about bringing data-driven solutions to reality within organizations; her particular focus is enabling portfolio and quant teams to speed the time to investment insights. 


Steven Steinberg

Golden Source

Currently, Steven is VP and Head of Data Model at Golden Source.  Golden Source provides Enterprise Data Management software to clients in the capital markets sector of financial services. 


About STEM-Inno

STEM-Inno was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation in 2018 with a charter to ‘incubate career-readiness and entrepreneurship’.  We welcome other like minded individuals and enterprises that share our mission to give a hand up to those eager to learn and share.  Please contact us to mentor, sponsor, partner our join one of our future competitions.

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